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    So I have a BB 9650 and I will be getting an Iphone 4 for work purposes later this month and will essentially be carrying 2 devices for an undisclosed amount of time. I will be making the iPhone my primary device so I can test it and evaluate it for my job. I found a great app called "Advanced Forwarder" that will forward all incoming and SMS messages from my Blackberry to my Iphone. The only really downside is when it forwards SMS it does not let me reply directly to the sender's text message, I'd have to generate a new one. No big deal.

    The dilemma I think I will face is when I make outbound calls with the iPhone and initiate new SMS text messages. Both will come from my new # which I don't want people to know/use.

    Anyone had any ideas? I tried Google Voice, but it doesn't do much with your existing # and if I get a new #, it kind of defeats the whole exercise of me keeping my BB phone #. I know I can also mark my outgoing # as private on the iPhone, but most people don't pick up when they see that....I am really more concerned about SMS messages since you can do some fancy stuff with text forwarding, etc, but phone calls you can't.
    06-11-10 10:13 AM