1. tedzone's Avatar
    I love using my ip4s bareback. I have a high end screen protector and back film on the phone so I don't wanna cover it up with a case. Problem-- without a case isolating the silent switch, my phone sometimes goes into vibe/silent. Last thing I want is to miss an important call. I know an app exists if ur jail broken but I there a regular app that renders the switch "not functional"?
    I wish it was like the Ipad, where you can assign a function to the switch-- silent or rotation lock.
    03-01-12 07:45 PM
  2. joe_fresh's Avatar
    i know you like going bareback or brokeback ... just a joke. but i know siedio has a few cases that you cant hardly tell that they are there, Myself i need a case on mine because the phone feels too fragile for me lol
    03-04-12 01:03 PM
  3. tedzone's Avatar
    brokeback. NOOOO. :-)
    I thought I was picky until I did a google search. Turns out all kinda folks are complaining about this. There IS a solution but you need to be jail broken. Oh well-- maybe 5.1 will have the option of dis activating the silent key.
    03-04-12 04:11 PM