01-03-10 10:08 PM
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    It seems like I'm in the exact opposite boat as everyone else in this forum lol. As a mac enthusiast, i bought the original iPhone the day it came out and then the 3G when that came out as well. Over the years though i started to get sick of it. Dropping calls and failed SMS messages in New York City were killing me, and the lack of multitask on a non-jailbroken OS was finally starting to test my patience. And even though i love everything about Apple's products, i didn't appreciate the company's decision to deny a couple of key Google apps (voice, latitude) and push gmail, which are all available on a blackberry. Also, I loved the app store at first, but i ended up not using any of the 50 apps i downloaded except for an English to Japanese dictionary. Once Blackberry Desktop Manager came out for Macs, I decided to finally make the switch and haven't looked back since
    12-28-09 10:25 AM
  2. Captain Marvelous's Avatar
    I also am like you, somedays I want an iphone then others I don't.
    12-30-09 10:30 AM
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    I'm in the middle of converting from a Storm 2 to an iPhone 3Gs.

    Finding it difficult to let go of the Storm though :S

    "Decisions, Decisions"
    I'm strongly considering this myself. My daughter got an iTouch for Christmas and it made my "iphone envy" worse! I'm going to test drive an iphone for the trial period and if the service is acceptable I'm going to drop the VZ line down to a dumb phone or just bite the bullet and paying the ETF. Historically ATT service isn't the best where I live but I haven't tried it since the razr came out so I guess I'm ready to give it another go. I will miss my S2 though!

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    12-30-09 01:35 PM
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    I got a 3GS 2 weeks ago after playing with a touch. BUT I still use my bold 9000 and im going to buy a 9700 tomorrow for 350. I love both!!!..............hey why cant I remove my pin from my profile? Thats my old pin from tmo
    12-30-09 02:12 PM
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    I broke down and got a 16gb 3Gs and all I can say is "WOW"! It's incredible. Anybody want to buy my Storm 2?

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    01-01-10 09:11 AM
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    I broke down and got a 16gb 3Gs and all I can say is "WOW"! It's incredible. Anybody want to buy my Storm 2?

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    how much
    01-01-10 10:06 AM
  7. jcash74's Avatar
    Wish I could trade my Bold for a iphone 3gs lol.. I need something different now, I have done everything I can do to the Bold.
    01-01-10 02:07 PM
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    After having a blackberry storm and dealing with the memory issues, I decided to jump on the Iphone and get a 3gs 32 gig. I am not sorry. The iphone is so much better than any other phone I have had. I got tired or restarting my storm every day to refresh the memory. What a pos that phone was. After the latest upgrade it was bearable but still nothing close to an iphone.
    01-03-10 10:00 PM
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    I just purchase my first Iphone off of eBay. Its a 2g 16gb version. I figured it would be pointless to get a 3g version since a 3g version would not work with T-Mobile. Plus I'm stuck with my contract with T-Mobile till July. I won't miss the the 3g since I've never had it. My office a Wi-Fi, so speed won't be a issue for me and of course I have Wi-Fi at home. I can't wait to get it. Finally a phone with a real browser and a larger screen.
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    01-03-10 10:08 PM
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