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    Don't get me wrong now I posted here because I love my iphone but I enjoying reading all of the forums. It is the selection of android devices that seem overwhelming. How on earth does one keep up with all of the them...which one is best, what carrier has the best selection, how do they really differ from each other?

    For me I have found a device that does what I need and does it well. Those was no need to do alot of comparison. The simplicity and ease of use was key. The battery life on 4 has been improved tremendously, in fact it beat my HTC Incredible even with the task killer. Then the carrier decision, my Incredible got 1 bar in the house if I was lucky and my iphone gets 4. I can actually use it as a phone! My experience with AT&T and the Iphone so far has been positive.

    I was a little upset that when I joined AT&T they no longer have the unlimited plan but now with wifi I am saving $15 a month. Anyhow thank you to my iphone brethren for reading my rant and always being helpful.
    09-11-10 09:16 AM
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    Yeah part of the reason is the makers. You have htc, samsung, nokia etc. That's part of the reason there are so many androids. I think each has it's ups and downs like some have better camera, some have better processors. What I do is I'd go to a third party and compare the androids cause it's hard for me to keep track of all of them too

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    09-11-10 12:41 PM