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    I'm an iPhone 4 newb and I'm also a pc person so maybe I'm not wording this correctly so bear with me. Say, I'm in Facebook or browsing the net on my iPhone and I'd like to save a picture to my phone..... How do I do this?

    As an example, a friend of mine sent a message to a bunch of us saying she was closing her FB account but wanted to stay in touch with all of us, etc, etc, here is my email addy, "keep in touch." So, I'm typing in her email addy to my Contacts app...because I can't quite figure out the copy/paste thingy on an iPhone yet. I then thought I'd like to save her picture from her FB account and use it in my Contacts app but I could not figure out how to save it to my phone.

    As I said, I'm newb and I'm a pc girl and a former BB user so I'm use to menus and clicking things with options to save so I'm lost. I looked everywhere and found no option in either Facebook or anywhere else that would have enabled me to save this FB picture to my phone.

    It made me wonder how I would be able to do this in other similar scenarios such as finding a pic on the net and saving that to my photos folder.

    This is definitely one of those cases where I really do miss menus and options. It's probably easy and obvious but I have zero clue.

    01-08-11 03:23 PM
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    I don't think you could save FB pictures. Not sure about this since I don't use it.
    To copy an image from the net all you need to do is old your finger on the pic till you get the option to save.
    To copy text or email ect. Do same. Old your finger on the text you want till you get the option to select. Select the section you want and click copy.
    I actually like the copy and paste option on the iPhone 4
    01-08-11 04:19 PM
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    I think fb prevents pics from being saved for whatever reason. A workaround would be to take a screenshot of the photo (press the home button and button on top at the same time). It will save the screenshot to your photos.
    Or from your pc, save the pic and email it to your phone then save by pressing your finger on the photo.

    As far as copy and paste, it's pretty easy, Check out a few YouTube tutorials to help you out.

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    01-08-11 11:23 PM
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    if you go to the full site... on safari and the full fb version, not touch or mobile... touch the photo you want to save..... hold finger on there for about 3-5 seconds... save/copy buttons pop up.. save and photos will be in your camera roll


    Open the photo in the FB app touch the screen to make info disappear and press the sleep and home buttons on the phone to take a screenshot, it'll be in your camera roll as well

    Hope this helps
    01-09-11 01:01 AM
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    Thanks to all for the help.

    On a side note, here's another example, though, that peeved me that I used to have no problems with on a BB. I asked a friend for some advice via FB and she answered with some great info. I was reading it via my iphone and wanted to save it to another memo type app but there was no way to copy the message from FB at all.

    On my BB to copy all or part of the text of this message would have been a breeze but there was no way that I could figure out despite trying what you've all said above about just tapping the screen and waiting for the copy function to appear. I miss things like that a lot from my BB. It was just.........right there. Doesn't anyone else miss things like that at all?
    I know I could just go on my pc and get it but that is an inconvenience and it was particularly good words of wisdom and I'd like to save it elsewhere on my iphone vs leaving it in the FB app.

    Am I still missing something really easy that I'm just not aware of yet?
    I just find it hard to believe that because it's FB that I can't just copy and save a bit of text from a private message and store it somewhere else like a notepad app. That doesn't sound right to me at all.
    01-09-11 02:17 PM
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    Idk this until you brought it up lol here's what I'd do so you can save the info to the notepad

    Go to fb on computer ... Copy/paste what you got into an email... Email to yourself ... Copy from the email ... I tried from all 4 versions of fb .. App mobile touch and full sites nada ... Had to be a fb thing as you can copy anything on any other page by holding/touching the screen :-/
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    01-09-11 02:52 PM
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    Welcome on all the info please pm me if ya have any questions
    01-09-11 02:53 PM
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    As long as it's only FB, I can deal with that. Thanks so much!!
    01-09-11 03:08 PM