1. phonejunky's Avatar
    BBM not working all over the world literally on the day of the iOS5 was released with iMessage, as well as on the release of the 4S. I think most can agree that RIM is making it too easy for Apple. Along with their bad publicity in the last few months and this horribly timed mishap, windows might make a run for it to pass them up.
    10-14-11 08:35 PM
  2. dalton4L's Avatar
    RIM is non-existent enough at this point that Apple probably isn't too worried with what's going on with their services.
    10-14-11 08:52 PM
  3. phonejunky's Avatar
    Maybe more along the lines of Apple may be to busy with the release right now, but RIM is far from being nonexistent
    10-14-11 09:09 PM
  4. i7guy's Avatar
    Wait until imessage or icloud gets hacked or goes down. There'll be another thread, apple making it easy for RIM.
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    10-15-11 05:29 PM