1. vinndy's Avatar
    I have made the decision to get a vzw iphone. Since I can't upgrade due to some wierd company (my employer) rule, I am going to buy one. My question is when do you think the retail price will come down? ebay looks like they're selling about $100-125 less than retail, but I think I prefer new in box.. There are rumors floating around about sometime this year a new release happening and then retail on the ip4 drops. I've waited 4 years, I can wait 3-4 more months, that is, if this is true. thoughts?
    04-12-11 09:36 AM
  2. markhunsaker's Avatar
    If you look at Apple's track record of their iPhone releases, they happen every year around June. The price of iPhones always drop when a newer model comes out because the market is flooded with older models as people are trying to upgrade.

    If you can wait, than wait. But you'll always be waiting. When the iPhone 5 (or whatever it will be called...I'm banking on the iPhone 4S) comes out, you might end up wanting that. A lot of the time, you can get a NIB (new in box) iPhone 4 on eBay for a decent price. Just make sure the seller is legit!
    04-12-11 02:44 PM