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    hello everyone i to made the leap from blackberry to iphone 4 and love it .I just figured out how to get my songs to my phone through itunes.I cant figure out how to delete the songs that are in the list of songs that i downloaded that i dont want on the phone some are duplicates and i need to see how to delete them from the list of songs. Can anyone help me with this please. thank you so much.
    01-06-12 10:23 PM
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    What you could try is go into itunes and right click the song you want to remove, delete it and then sync back to the device, unfortunately you cant delete on the device itself
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    01-07-12 08:14 AM
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    or you could open Music in the phone find the song. Swipe right and delete.

    Joe this is an iOS5 feature you can remove on the device.

    Also in iTunes you can check for duplicates in iTunes and clean up iTunes before you sync again.
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    01-07-12 09:11 AM
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    ok thank you both so much. i tried it from the phone swiping to the right but it did not work must have done something wrong .guess i will have to try it from itunes. I am really loving the iphone4.
    01-07-12 01:49 PM
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    If you have iOS 5 open music then find your song and swipe by the time stamp. You will see this. Attachment 100124
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    01-07-12 05:25 PM
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    thank you so much figured it out . Loving the iphone4 never going back to bb.
    01-07-12 11:32 PM
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    Your best bet is to use the "only sync checked items" in iTunes and uncheck the blue box for the songs you don't want. Better still, sync only the artists and playlists that you want on the phone.

    The swipe to delete option is only temporary. When you sync to iTunes they'll be put back on the phone.

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    01-08-12 08:54 PM