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    Have you heard of this little device called the iPad? Well just because I'm a huge BlackBerry fan, doesn't mean I'm an Apple hater.

    My wife and I decided to purchase an iPad shortly after it was released, and we have been pleased with that decision from day one. There is so much you can do on an iPad, and it's small size makes it very portable.

    The primary user of our iPad is my wife, but every now and again, I steal it from her and get to use it. My biggest concern from day one has been how can I protect this investment from damage. Knowing how my wife is, she just tosses things in her purse and goes on about her day not thinking about what could happen to those things. As I suspected, the iPad became one of those things she likes to toss in her purse.

    Seidio approached me about doing a review on their new iPad Innocase Active, and I found this to be a great chance to put their product through the paces. The Innocase Active surrounds the iPad in a silicone style case, and then that it wrapped in a thin layer of hard plastic. This provides excellent shock absorption for the iPad. There are still a few edges of the silicone left exposed and not covered by the plastic which allows for an easy way to grip the device.

    I did not put our iPad through any drop tests to see just how well it would be protected, but I feel confident that if it were dropped from a low level, this case would give it the protection it needed to withstand the drop.

    The only thing I think Seidio could do to make this case better, is to add in a screen protector with your purchase to give the user full 360 degree coverage of the iPad.

    The price of the case is $44.95, which is comparable to all the other iPad cases on the market. It can be purchased directly from Seidio on their website at:

    Innocase Active For use with Apple iPad
    10-09-10 04:32 PM