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    1. Can you change your text tone to be a song or music, or are you stuck with the 6 options they give you?

    2. can you change the way the text messages appear in those bubbles?

    3. Free apps, I am all about Free Anyone want to suggest ones that the love?

    4. Free app for TV? or anything like... Hulu...etc. I want to watch shows from abc.com, hulu, brovo, mtv..etc

    5. Where can I find free multiplayer games? I have noticed searching doesn't seem each because they have odd names for the apps...

    6.Why when the phone is locked and my alarm goes off in the morning can i only push cancel not snooze?

    7.Any free GPS apps?

    8. Any cool features i prob don't know about yet? since I have had it less than a week?!?!

    9. Oh yeah I was told I got a 16gb 3gs but on the back of the iphone there isnt the S...how do I know is this is a S or not?

    10. how do I change what phone I have on my CB account..says BB its now I phone

    11. Is there a app for crackberry where can i find it?

    12. Can you do themes on Iphone like you could BB or does ur iphone have to be jail broken?

    13. How do I add a photo so that when someone calls it shows the photo?

    Thank you
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    Wish I could help you, but I'm waiting till June to get an iPhone (when the new OS comes loaded on the iPhone.
    Can't wait to get mine!
    04-23-10 11:40 AM
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    I think the 16 & 32 gb are "S". only the 8 gb is not "s" as far as I know.
    04-23-10 11:42 AM
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    ok well I have the 16 so then must be S lol Yes I have heard of goggle I have also heard of crackberry too..its a forum where you can ask questions and make comments and post pictures and so on LOL
    04-23-10 12:32 PM
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    goggle is pretty good for most of your questions -- for the one about the snooze, click 'edit' on your alarm and you can toggle snooze.

    if your phone does not say "S" then it is not a 3GS.
    04-23-10 01:12 PM
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    ok well I have the 16 so then must be S lol Yes I have heard of goggle I have also heard of crackberry too..its a forum where you can ask questions and make comments and post pictures and so on LOL
    Seems like you should have done a little research into the iPhone before you bought it. But I will try to help you out in the spirit of Crack Nation

    1) No txt tones can not be changed to music

    2) No that is the way that the iPhone works

    3) Look in the App Store way too many to try and list

    4) There is now a Mobi Tv app, though most of the good channels you have to pay for

    5) There are many but they use different systems like Open Fient and others.

    6) Someone answered this one in another post in this thread

    7) Google will have a free turn by turn app coming in the future

    8) Just keep playing with it you will find them

    9) Not until OS 4 when it comes out this summer, unless you JB that is

    10) You do that in the contact information.
    04-23-10 01:32 PM
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    1. Answered already... no
    2. Answered already... no
    3. My favs: Google & Bing, YouMail, Facebook, Chase, myWireless, Personal Assistant, SportsCenter, Fandango, Movies, TipStar, IMDb, Shazam (most used free app), TuneWiki, Scanner, eBay, Dictionary, iBowl, Brickbreaker 3D, Paper Toss, and Words with Friends.
    4. Watching Tv - 5 apps to watch TV on the iPhone
    5. Use AppShopper (World War comes to mind)
    6. Answered already... turn Snooze on when setting the alarm
    7. Google Maps most likely isn't coming to the iPhone; at least not now. MapQuest is available. Go to the app store and go under Navigation
    8. To quickly copy text... double tap the first word so that word can be highlighted and use the endpoint to select all the text you want to copy
    9. I think you answered your own question there
    10. Click your username up top, select About me tab & then click the pencil to edit
    11. No
    12. Jailbroken only... even when 4.0 comes, it will just be wallpaper, not "themes"
    13. If they're on your facebook, use the sync option. Aside from that, go to the Contact and Edit
    04-24-10 12:43 AM
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    guys is limera1n for geohot or not ??
    All updates will be said on his Twitter page:

    George Hotz (geohot) on Twitter
    04-27-10 10:00 PM