1. StevenJ_AK's Avatar
    So, i got my 3gs Jan. 28th, on Feb 1st i jailbroke it, and i installed a new carrier profile from help.benm.at. Im on AT&T by the way. Well after jailbreaking my phone ive had two different times my phone has just crashed and went to the recovery mode. Once at night where it wasnt such a big deal cause iw as asleep and it was a weekend, and the other time was tonight. while i was out on a flightline and my cell phone is much much much needed in my line of work durning business. Well i had to go about 2 hours with no Comunications untill i got home. So anyways, i was sick of it, so i got home, and restored my phone and it installed 3.1.3. When it came to the set up screen i restored it from the back up on my phone from yesterday. When it was jailbroke (with Blackra1n rc3) i had installed MakeItMine and changed my AT&T to a custom thing and such, Well anyways, long story short, the phone is no longer jailbroken, and my carrier profile is excactly as it was before i restored it (as in internet tethering is still a option) my carrier profile stayed to the custom one i had it to and i can turn my phone on and off as much as i want. there is no blackrain icon, rock or cydia either. Why did it stay like that? can i still expect my phone to screw up? or will it be okay, anyone have any expierence with anything like this? Im not mad at it at all, in fact im kinda glad it stayed that way! anyone?
    02-13-10 09:49 PM
  2. stuaw11's Avatar
    because Blackra!n wont work on 3.1.3, you have to use the method on the iphone devteam website.
    02-13-10 09:51 PM
  3. StevenJ_AK's Avatar
    i know that backrain is for 3.1.2 the thing is i DONT want my phone to be jailbroken anymore, and after a restore and install of 3.1.3 why am i still seeing sign of a jailbreak?
    02-13-10 10:33 PM
  4. stuaw11's Avatar
    oh ok i see what youre saying. did you do setup new iphone or restore when you connected to itunes? if restore thats probably the remnants of the restore
    02-13-10 10:41 PM
  5. StevenJ_AK's Avatar
    Ah, i see, so just residual jailbreak files are still hanging around, well it seems that the phone is working great now, it hasnt crashed so thats a plus, ive shut it off and tuned it on a few times and it comes right on now, and i still have my old carrier profile with tethering on there so i guess its kinda a win win situation, thanks.
    02-14-10 07:55 AM
  6. mofoahh's Avatar
    glad its a win win situation.
    02-15-10 02:51 PM
  7. mdude85's Avatar
    i think when you de-jailbreak you should set up as new iphone instead of restore from a backup.
    02-18-10 02:30 PM