1. jly.public's Avatar
    Friend of mine has an iPad and iPhone. He's been trying to find a way to save file attachments from emails, then create new emails and attaching saved files to those new emails. He doesn't want to use the forward funtion because that would include the entire email chain. I don't think iOS has a file system where users can save and attach files to email. I have an iPad, updated to iOS 6 and the only thing I can insert into an email is photos from CAMERA ROLL.

    Any ideas?
    10-19-12 11:53 AM
  2. mikeo007's Avatar
    If you tap and hold on the attachment, you'll get a popup with different options. If you click "email", it will start a new email with that attachment.
    10-19-12 12:01 PM
  3. Bazza1's Avatar
    However, to my knowledge, there is no native ability to include any type of multiple files as attachments, so each must be sent on its own. Tres tedious.

    I know Documents to Go gives you the ability to add multiple files to an email, but its counter-intuitive (and costly) to have to start in a (3rd Party) program to produce an email, when it should be something built into Mail. But I guess Apple is too busy giving us Siri, Newsstand, Passbook and Maps rather than fix obvious lapses in apps already in the iOS...
    10-19-12 02:51 PM

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