1. kazmi's Avatar
    I'm in a quandary and need input from all the folks who have not jail broken their idevices...I come from the bb world so I had to jailbreak to be able to get the same level of notifications and email experience on the ip4....however, I experience severe lag especially when opening up apps as well as when I'm in the middle of doing something and an email is coming through....since iOS5 has a notification center, I'm seriously contemplating updating and not jail breaking. However, I need to be able to have multiple email signatures depending on which email account I'm replying from (for work purposes). I will miss the profiles but I can live without that for the time being.

    Does anyone else not feel the need to have multiple email signatures? If so, how do you guys work around this limitation of the iOS?

    10-12-11 03:42 PM
  2. mzsar's Avatar
    does anyone know if jailbreaking allows this?
    10-13-11 10:02 AM