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    I sent a friend a recurring Appt reminder from my BlackBerry to mess with him. He didn't think anything of it and accepted it. What I didn't know is apparently there is no way to delete it from an IOS calendar. He called me very a bit angry insisting I tell him how to delete it. I sent one to my wife's iPad and couldn't figure it out either. So I advised him to go to him Gmail account directly and delete it there.... Whatever

    Point is, how do you delete that stuff. I am sure there is a way, but now I am curious. In my berry I just choose "open series" and then delete.
    06-23-12 09:52 AM
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    Go to the day of the event

    Click the appt at the bottom of the screen and this opens up

    Click "edit" at the top of the screen

    Scroll all the way down and click "delete"

    Hope this helps you help your friend out.

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    06-23-12 07:31 PM