1. bbqsanchez's Avatar
    will imessage be more like bbm ? i mean have groups and stuff like .. if apple will go thru the trouble of trying to kill bbm (we still need to see how it goes) why cant it just come strong like from scratch instead of being s tease ?
    07-31-11 08:13 AM
  2. cruiz1022's Avatar
    it basically gives the availability of group chat with more than one person that has iMessage but in that group it does not say read or delivered. As far as status updates or a "buddy list", none of that. iMessage is basically a faster way of texting with a twist of BBM style delivered, read, and typing functionality.

    I'm not sure if it does more than 2 people in a group iMessage chat cause I only have 2 friends that have iOS 5
    08-04-11 12:54 AM
  3. Angelina Zone Mobile's Avatar
    anyone try it?? it's a little confusing (it works through the txt app)
    10-13-11 09:45 AM