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    Helly guys, I have a quick question on call fowarding to my new iphone att phone #. My wife and I have had verizon for a long time and she refused to make the switch over to att. Well I bought an iphone anyway and plan to keep both phones (storm and iphone 3gs), because 1 I'm still under a verizon contract and 2 we dont want to have to increase her monthly minutes.

    Is it possible to have my verizon calls fowarded to my att # and still be using our In minutes to talk? Atleast on her end? For example, if I foward my verizon calls to my iphone and she calls me, will she be using her anytime minutes or will her call be using her unlimited IN? I dont care about my minutes, I assume I'll be using both.

    Does this make sense to anyone? I'm having a hard time explaining what I'm trying to get across...lol. If anyone could simply explain how call fowarding works with a verizon customer calling another verizon customer that has call fowarding enabled and being sent to his ATT # that would be great.

    2 verizon phones, 1 verizon customer calling another verizon customer, in which that customer has call fowarding to his att #. How are minutes used? lol
    08-24-09 06:38 AM
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    Depends on what plan you have, but yes. I have a Storm as well that is work issued. A perk was adding a second phone through Verizon at a discount on the friends/family plan. You can add your AT&T # and forward all calls to your iPhone and it will not cost extra if she has the unlimited feature. It's great, we use it alot when we travel together.
    08-24-09 08:27 AM
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    Well we have the unlimited in calling. So she will still be using in minutes by calling my verizon # even if I'm forwarding to my iphone?

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    08-24-09 09:17 AM
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    I do not get charged for forwarding calls from the Storm or her Env to my iPhone, because the # is part of the plan. If your able to include your iPhone's # (depending on your plan), you shouldn't be charged/using minutes.
    08-24-09 10:27 AM
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    She has just the basic plan, including unlimited verizon to verizon. She doesn't have friends and family. It would be her calling from her verizon phone to my verizon phone that would be forwarded to my att iphone. Will that effect her minutes or would it be considered like her calling my att #?

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    08-24-09 10:46 AM
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    Mobile to Mobile for her---double minutes for you (VZW mins + ATT mins)
    08-25-09 10:10 AM