1. thebbnoob's Avatar
    How is the iPhone 4 for using stuff like instant messaging, emailing, etc? I was looking around, and saw people complaining heaps about Yahoo and MSN a lot. I've tried it on Facebook/Twitter and they seem okay. Are other apps such as Pingchat, Liveprofile, WhatsApp etc much different on the iPhone as opposed to a BB?

    I have a Torch, but I'm stick of the memory card always messing up and I lose all my chat logs and pictures (took 80 today and lost them all). New card and a new device for the 100th time and it still screws up, the only need I have for it is the music, because the iPhone 4 is almost full.
    09-30-11 07:44 PM
  2. olliegrl's Avatar
    I have beejive IM....and OMG YES it's SO much better than a BB. I've had 4 BBs..including the original torch...and i LOVE the way my iphone handles email, texts, and IM over the BB.

    i also have Whatsapp and i love it too. I talk to my friend in England for free all the time.

    I was a loyal BB customer for YEARS...but I'm now iPhone only!
    10-03-11 12:20 AM