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    I was given an old 2G and I activated it today, with plans to cancel in three days. All I really want to do with it is use as ipod touch. However, now that it is activated, the ipod function is not working. I loaded several movies on it and in itunes they show as being on the phone. Even when looking at memory, it shows only 2gb left. But when I touch the ipod widget, it opens and says no content and will not allow me to choose any options at the bottom.

    Any help is appreciated!
    10-04-10 04:34 PM
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    Maybe you should do a full restore.
    10-04-10 04:45 PM
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    I have done that three or four times now. LOL
    10-05-10 12:44 AM
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    LOL, dang man... running outta ideas. If restore doesn't work, now I'm thinking there's something seriously wrong with the phone. Have you tried putting the phone into recovery mode and then restoring?

    EDIT: Read these instructions and give it a shot:

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    10-05-10 12:54 AM
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    Well, I got home from work and thought I would check again before restoring the phone and suddenly everything is working. Not sure what the glitch was, but all is well now.

    One more question.....I only activated the phone because I did not have original SIM. Now that I have a SIM that the phone was activated with, I want to call ATT and cancel service and only use like an ipod touch.

    Once I call them and ask to deactivated account, what will happen next time I plug into itunes?
    10-05-10 03:11 AM
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    You should be good. Nothing'll happen when you plug back into iTunes. You can even take the SIM out and it'll still work. Just don't update the firmware or you have to activate it again. Actually, you should still be fine. You should be able to use the deactivated AT&T SIM to activate again.
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    10-05-10 11:04 AM
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    I have to laugh.... called ATT today at 4:30pm and told them I wanted to close the account, turn the phone off. The guy looked over my account and NOTED that I had just opened it Monday. I said yes, it was an old phone given to me and I wanted to see how it fared against my Verizon HTC Incredible and I decided to stay with the VZW Incredible.

    Then he tries telling me I will have to pay a $325 early termination fee. I laughed out loud and told him he had better read the fine print again. LOL Then he corrected himself and said there would be no charge. LOL He was supposed to cancel the service right that second.

    Well, I tried the phone again at 10pm and it was still activated so I called them back. Now that gal says it will be cancelled at midnight Wed/Thurs, when my billing cycle ends. They better not screw around with me, I just want the darn thing turned off. :-)

    I have to say after using it a bit, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, with both the 2G and my Incredible, side by side on each respective network, I tried tagging a song via Shazam. On network, the Incredible smoked the 2G. I expected that, 2G vs 3G. But what I did not expect was when I put both on wifi connection with my home network (high speed cable) and redid the Shazam comparison, the 2G smoked my Incredible! I was shocked. I was really surprised to see that, and I tried it several times and got the same result each time.

    I think the iphone is a great phone (not sure if I like it over my Incredible as far as function goes) but having to deal with itunes is a PITA. On the Android phones you can change the size of memory and when attached to USB, just click and drag songs, photos, videos, ringtones, whatever, right to the phone.

    IF...IF the iphone ever comes to Verizon, I might have to give it a looksy...
    10-06-10 03:48 AM
  8. Johnly's Avatar
    drag songs, photos, videos, ringtones, whatever, right to the phone.

    IF...IF the iphone ever comes to Verizon, I might have to give it a looksy...
    Yeah, not...Verizon wont pay apple for shares of phones sold......rule the air
    10-06-10 03:59 AM