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    Does anyone else notice that Yahoo push on the iPhone has been acting funny lately? I have a yahoo and gmail account on push, and 4 other email accounts on fetch. I had thought that with any new email that comes in (whether pushed or fetched to the phone), you should get a notification to your home screen dock email icon. Instead, I have to go and open the email app, and then the notification pops up that I have several emails. Essentially, it only searches for email after I open the email application, even though 2 of those email accounts are on push, and the others are on fetch at 1 hr. intervals. Before, it used to let me know I have emails waiting for me from the home screen. I don't want to have to open my email application everytime to see if I have any new emails. Is there a fix?

    Oh, and another question- when I go into the SMTP page in my settings, it shows that the primary server I chose is the yahoo SMTP server. There is also a section below it showing Other SMTP Servers (which contain 5 other email servers that constitute my 5 other email accounts either pushing or fetching to the phone). For those settings, they are set at OFF. So, only the primary server is switched on. Is this this the correct setting, or should I turn all of the other SMTP servers to ON?

    Thanks in advance.
    10-06-09 10:42 AM