1. pmccartney's Avatar
    My friend just bought an iP4. He says when he is listening to Sirius a text will come in and he has the option (on screen) to Reply or Cancel. If he chooses reply the Sirius app stops.
    Can it be set to continue the music while he replies to the text message?

    I did try a search but to express my query the title was to long and came up empty. If iPhone experts here would be kind enough to point me to a thread or threads, I would be thankful.

    03-01-11 12:47 PM
  2. E_Brown's Avatar
    If he is jailbroken he may want to look into bitesms. there is a popup where you can reply to the text without leaving the app at all. I love it. That is the # 1 reason I am jailbroken. As for Sirius...I have never used it.
    03-01-11 01:01 PM