1. dloreski's Avatar
    I use my BB for one email account which is AOL and has to stay AOL.
    I'm very happy with my 9700 for email, but the screen gets a little small for my eyes.
    How slow would iphone be for receiving AOL emails?
    08-05-10 08:26 AM
  2. markhunsaker's Avatar
    I have gmail and it is set up through Microsoft Exchange so it's PUSH. The fastest interval for fetch is every 15 minutes.

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    08-05-10 09:13 AM
  3. BrindawithanI's Avatar
    I've read many MANY times how the iPhone's email is so much worse than BB's. I don't know how iphone's Exchange email compares to BES as I had BIS, but I can tell you that I prefer iPhone's handling of my work email so much better. As markhunsaker said above, 15 minutes is the quickest time setting. I have mine set to fetch to save battery.
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    08-05-10 09:38 AM
  4. Moonbase0ne's Avatar
    In my opinion, email on my BB was faster because it was Push, but I like the setup/layout better on the iP4. It just looks nicer and cleaner.

    I guess if you really need the instant right now speed a BB is the better choice.

    Also, as far as notifications go, the BB notification system is waaayyyy better than that of the iPhone.
    08-05-10 10:51 AM
  5. Duvi's Avatar
    Email is great for me, but I use Gmail, Yahoo and MobileMe which
    all push. AOL does not. I also love the fact that I can go through
    my folders on my iPhone. So if you don't mind 15 minute intervals
    for receiving your AOL mail, try it.
    08-05-10 11:35 AM
  6. seyoon's Avatar
    I've discovered the app named PushMail and it's brilliant. I only use Gmail and believe it or not, it's a couple seconds faster than my 9700 in receiving my mails. It's instant push just like our berries. No need to set your iPhone to pull every few minutes so that's saving battery. The way it works is when you configure the app, you'll get your pushmail account which you use for your Gmail's settings. I highly recommend it. Its universal and I'm using it for my iPad 3G as well.
    08-05-10 12:00 PM
  7. Entertainment72's Avatar
    I don't get where BB users think once you have an iPhone you can't get push, you can, it gets irritating. You can get most emails in push such as the ones Duvi mentioned.
    08-05-10 12:30 PM
  8. weblou's Avatar
    I just started using the Ip4 as my main phone this week (it's been almost 4 days now). I have the 9700 that i was using before and I still use on another line i have.
    What i noticed about Email difference on these 2 devices is:
    Quality o email: Iphone renders the email much nicer...can't even compare the two.

    Speed of receiving email: They both do push ( Iphone on most email accounts and BB on all accounts). You are using AOL and i believe that is one of the accounts that doesn't have push for iphone... But it could fetch at every 15 min. Consider that it's 15min intervals. What i mean by this is that i could send you an email now and you get it in the next 30 seconds because of the time frame that i sent was falling near the end of that 15 interval. So the MAX time for you to get an email is 15min.

    On the Iphone you have access access to all your folders on BIS you don't.

    I still find the BB was more Made for quick emails and replies with all the short cuts it has. But the Iphone does offer a more enjoyable experience.

    i have 4 email account set up on my ip4. i get and send out over 30 to 40 emails a day (sometimes not all from the phone but i nice amount) And honestly i can't complain.
    08-05-10 01:31 PM
  9. shawnomega's Avatar
    I use aol it's fine, like duvi said you can set it on intervals where it retrives the info every do often. Or you touch the mail icon it takes about a minute or so but it retrieves it. So it's not as offesiant as bb but I like it. I think they will get it as some point, especially if they want to appeal more and more to he business world

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    08-05-10 03:11 PM
  10. pilsbury's Avatar
    I have gmail and it is set up through Microsoft Exchange so it's PUSH. The fastest interval for fetch is every 15 minutes.

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    Same for me, gmail. I also have my home email on my i4 also. Honestly, I cant tell a difference between the speed of the email on my i4 and my 9700.
    08-05-10 03:13 PM