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    Hi all, new to jail breaking and bought my first app through Cydia yesterday, myprofiles.
    I was hoping to be able to manage the profiles as I could on my old bb so that when I am on call for work during the night my phone will only ring for work contacts so that drunken friends, random texts etc don't wake me or the family up.
    I have set it up as per the PDF file on their website and put all my work contacts in a group but whether I set the group to whitelist or blacklist I still don't get any alerts. I have not yet contacted the developer as looking around I see they don't reply to emails anyway, bit annoyed that my first app purchased through Cydia don't work and there don't seem to be anything to do about it.

    Any ideas on this problem? I am using an iPhone4 on 4.3.2

    Or does anyone know of a similar app that works!!

    Thanks in advance

    Thanks in advance
    06-19-11 04:30 AM