1. Patman.nyc's Avatar
    I hope I don't get stoned here for asking this, (I have a BBStorm) my wife just bought that new Iphone and was wondering if there is a Desktop manager for the pc that can be used with an Iphone. I use BB desktop manager, and its great. But Apple?? I'd never own one.
    Any help would be appreciated, any sarcasm (expect some) will be tolerated in the sense of fair play

    12-05-09 03:18 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    With apple, it's iTunes. It does everything. It syncs your contacts, media, calendars and applications.
    12-05-09 03:51 PM
  3. Duvi's Avatar
    Also... when you connect your iPhone to your PC while iTunes is installed, you will then see your iPhone pop up under "Devices" on the navigation bar on the left.
    12-05-09 03:52 PM
  4. Patman.nyc's Avatar
    Don't know much about Apples.
    12-05-09 03:53 PM
  5. mpafr012's Avatar
    Don't know much about Apples.
    What Duvi said, iTunes is the iPhone equivalent Desktop Manager. Also, iTunes runs on Windows or Macs. You can download iTunes from the internet at apple.com.
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    12-05-09 06:44 PM
  6. Patman.nyc's Avatar
    Thanks mpafr012 I'll have her look into it

    12-05-09 09:25 PM
  7. auero's Avatar
    iTunes is great. You manage it just like you would with your iPod.
    12-05-09 10:23 PM