1. anon1180558's Avatar
    i have been using blackberrys for a good while now and currently have

    bold 9000 , curve 8520 , and storm II, and today added the iphone 3gs to my list!

    i have the blackberry storm 2 case ( lambs leather ) bought it here on crackberry, and its great, lovely smell of leather of it, and fits the storm 2 snugly.

    the only thing is that i cant find any cases of this type for the iphone,
    are they available? or would the iphone fit in one?

    the case i have is this one
    would this fit the iphone?
    12-05-09 07:11 PM
  2. spawn026's Avatar
    i was using a bold 9000 leather holster for mine and size wise it fits perfectly, the only problem is the thickness. I had to put a hardshell on my phone to prevent it from sliding out when the magnet wasnt latched. as for finding one specifically for the iphone? some shops claim to have some but all of the ones I got were universal ones with crappy clips.
    12-05-09 07:49 PM
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    12-05-09 09:54 PM
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    CB has a sister site for iphones and they have a similar store which probably has a good selection of cases.


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    12-05-09 10:15 PM