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    Qith my iphone 4, I am not receiving calls or texts sometime--meaning that sometimes I receive them perfectly fine and other times I can't receive them at all. I thought it was just the network, considering i do have at&t, but this has been happening since I got my phone in july. My bb bold that I had for at least a year previously had no problems at all. The calls with the iphone have not been working in multiple locations, all in full signal areas and the phone is on loud and in my hand. The calls just do not register on my phone and I do not get a voicemail notification later. With the texts, I just will never receive some texts ie., they do not show up later, just never show up. I am also sending blank texts when the phone is locked. (I also receive emails and other data items perfectly fine.) This is my second iphone and both phones have done this the entire time I've had them. I went to at&t and they replaced the sim card (that was the only thing they could think of, the associates/manager just seemed to have a dumbfounded look on their faces).

    Has anyone else had this problem? I dont know if it really it a phone problem, it seems like a network problem, but both of my parents who both have the iphone 4's as well dont have any problems with theirs. I am sick of replacing the iphone 4's. I just want a phone that works!
    12-12-10 06:58 PM