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    So this might be a dumb question but, my speakerphone works fine my ringer works fine, but i no sound on games or music without headphones.

    This seems to be common issue? but no one seems to have a fix? and yes the silent switch is off. makes no diference. i cannot turn up the volume using side buttons in music unless i plug the headphones in. :/

    Google is my friend...

    I guess this is a very common issue, after folowing tips, blowing into the headphone jack 400 times and pluging in and out the headphones 200 times I have sound again... why did I buy an iphone again?
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    10-15-11 07:56 PM
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    or not,... stopped working again...
    10-15-11 08:34 PM
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    someone else was having an issue with volume in another thread. it might be a hardware bug in the new phones.

    don't discount iphone entirely for ONE bad model. it's a great phone. just go exchange it.
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    10-16-11 01:18 AM
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    It worked when I unlocked the screen and that was it not working again,.. im thinking more software issue as the speaker doesnt work on ly on keyboard clicks, music player and games works for everything else
    10-16-11 08:29 AM
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    then go exchange it....
    10-16-11 01:47 PM