1. cpc12's Avatar
    I just upgraded to ios5.

    I tried to look for some magazines and I seems there are very limited amounts of magazines.

    Seems difficult to navigate iTunes news stand , I cant find a place with magazine categories.

    Seems quirky. Am I missing something ??
    10-20-11 07:52 PM
  2. dalton4L's Avatar
    It's new so they will come with more time.
    10-20-11 08:36 PM
  3. Bazza1's Avatar
    I'm afraid Newsstand is not a particularly well thought out product - everything it does could have been done in iBooks, with the added advantage you can slip iBooks into a user-defined folder, which you can't do with Newsstand.

    It is, after all, just another access point into the App Store - suggesting that Apple still sees its iOS as a Content Delivery Device to their iTunes Store first and foremost. Keeping it stuck on a screen just implies you will eventually pay to use it, rather than just have it take up screen real estate pointlessly.

    In time, other publishers may indeed choose to join in - if they don't mind Apple taking their significant cut and info about the subscriber base.

    Or they may go to 3rd Party sites and apps (like Kobo) and sell thru their newsstands instead. You wont get the subscription magically streamed and waiting for you first thing in the morning, but you may find more products out there.
    10-21-11 08:38 AM