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    Ok, take this with a grain of salt and if this has been posted already then mods delete this or at least move to correct thread.

    I was in my Web Video Fundamentals Class and my Professor just told the students that the New Iphone is going to be liquid metal, pliable and with a hologram.(She loves their products)
    I had read some news and saw videos of this Hologram leaked Fake video but I mean come on this is Apple here. I really hope they don't make this new one Holographic because that could take the spotlight off of BB10.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    04-30-12 04:17 PM
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    Will it beam me up? I'm on it!
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    04-30-12 04:20 PM
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    I read an article about it. It's not liquid metal, it's metallic glass technology. From what I read it's not actually new technology but in the past it was expensive to make

    There's a rumour the iPhone will use this to make the phone 'frame'.

    Apple is looking at holographic technology...so far, I think TAT has given us more proof about doing amazing things with the UI

    I think Apple uses technology for two reasons. One, to use a better material, and two, to use a cool name
    04-30-12 05:45 PM
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    i think there is some confusion with your teacher on exactly what liquidmetal is and how it works. this then leads to some confusion and further twisting of the facts when she opens her trap.

    Liquidmetal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Apple Acquires Rights to Liquidmetal Technologies' Advanced Metal Alloys - Mac Rumors
    Rumors Are iPhone 5 Will Be Thinner Using ‘Liquid Metal’ Technology | Video | TheBlaze.com

    its basically stronger and can make thinner, wear resistant cases than most aluminum or titanium. this isnt exactly Terminator T-1000 liquid metal, which is what everyone immediately thinks.
    04-30-12 10:20 PM
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    Lots of rumors...

    Liquid metal, metallic glass,...take your pick
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    LiquidMetal In An Apple Product? Don't Hold Your Breath

    Credit: Liquidmetal Technologies)

    One of the researchers behind Liquidmetal, a super-special "metallic glass" long expected to play a starring role in some upcoming iPhone, says Apple will likely wait to use it in a "
    breakthrough product made only possible by Liquidmetal technology."

    OK, check your pulse. Heart rate steady? Sure you're still breathing? Excellent. Let's continue.

    The fellow bringing us this breaking news, Atakan Peker, is a co-inventor of the Liquidmetal alloy. He spoke to Steve Kovach of Business Insider, who wrote that he buttonholed Peker to get answers to his Liquidmetal questions "straight from the source."

    From the look of things, Peker appears to be an accomplished researcher. But in no way, shape, or form is he someone you might consider "the source" where commercial questions regarding Liquidmetal are concerned. Consider:

    Peker does not currently work at Liquidmetal.

    Peker, in fact, hasn't worked at Liquidmetal since 2007. He's been an academic at Washington State University for the past five years.

    Peker didn't learn that Apple had used Liquidmetal in an iPhone (for the SIM card ejector pin) until he bought his iPhone 3G.

    The iPhone 3G was released in 2008, the year after Peker left Liquidmetal.

    Peker told Kovach the iPhone 3G story in their interview.

    It's unquestionably nice to know that Peker thinks highly of his invention and that he believes there's a good reason Apple licensed it exclusively in 2010 but has never used it (outside that high-tech ejector pin, that is). And some of his conjectures on how Apple might use Liquidmetal are certainly interesting, even if disappointingly small-bore.

    For instance, Peker suggests that Liquidmetal will mostly likely turn up in a MacBook first as a hinge or a bracket -- not the sleek, high-tech casing that gadget lovers supposedly covet. Such a casing, he said, would likely take "two to four years more to implement." How he knows this is unclear, although he told Kovach that he worked on "commercial manufacturing, scale-up process, and application development" of Liquidmetal. (Again, at least five years ago.)

    Looks like Apple needs to come up with another solution.

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    And why would we believe a peckerhead? Uhh... I mean... Peker. Lololol
    05-10-12 10:18 PM
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    i love the rumor mill when a new iphone is due out.... gotta love apples marketing strategy
    05-18-12 06:15 AM