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    Hi All I have go myself an Iphone, I have been using a Blackberry pearl for the last 2 years and loved it, it done everything I wanted it to do but with the samll screen and eyes getting older I had to use my glasses to see the screen. The Iphone I have is the 3Gs with software 4.2.1, a couple of questions, what advantage would I have if I jailbroke this phone, is there anyway of making the text message into like more normal as as opposed to kiddy speech bubble thing that its got & the main thing is can I make the test in the contacts\notes any bigger

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    The benefit of Jailbreaking the phone is primarily the ability to customize your phone vs. just having what apple gives you. Once you jailbreak your device you'll be able to download applications that are more comprehensive and add a certain benefit to the user. For instance, since you want to know about sms, you'll be able to download a sms app that will give you emoticons (happy, frown faces, etc). At the same time you'll be able to add "themes" to you UI (user interface) so it doesn't look like every other iphone out there...and much much more. I like to think about it as going to a car dealership, picking a base car up and then taking it to a "west coast customs" kind of shop to "pimp your phone."

    It terms of sms, i have been able to change the bubble colors and even the background of the sms thread however, i haven't been able to change the bubbles to stripes or something else.

    Now, for every benefit there's also a possible downside involved right? Well, i have found jailbreaking drains my battery quicker. Some of the apps are not as polished as the ones found in the app store and may be buggy at times. Jailbreaks can be tethered which means that if your phone dies you'll have to use your computer to fire the phone up, (it's like having to jump start your car every time)...not worth it for me.
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    Thanks for the info, I dont think I'll jailbreak it then cant have it going off during the day than having to wait till I get home to start it up again
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