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    Apple has just launched what are likely the worst commercials in the companys history. They show Mac users as computer illiterate.

    New Apple Ads Show Mac Users Are Computer Illiterate | The Gadget Masters
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    07-28-12 10:15 PM
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    I love this.


    People who don't even know what they are buying, mistaking other laptops as a mac. Buying a mac just because its a mac. Nice going. Somehow i get the feeling these are ads that steve jobs would scoff at.

    Don't get me wrong, i'm a mac user. It works better for me, and somehow adobe creative suite seems to run better on them. My macs has all been extremely reliable and durable for me, plus Apple's service and repair is fantastic. But my God, these ads makes me cringe.
    07-28-12 10:50 PM
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    "It is clear that Apple needs to take a page from BlackBerry’s playbook."

    hehe that part gave me a chuckle.
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    07-28-12 11:25 PM
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    whoops, DP
    07-28-12 11:45 PM
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    Yep, still out growing the rest of the PC market too. Its a shame that they're so easy to use, maybe they should release a piece of Cra* because then they could start shrinking like Dell, HP etc...

    HP -26%
    DELL -4.5%
    APPLE +20.7%

    Apple vs. PC Shipments: “PC” Decline Worse Than Reported The Small Wave.
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    07-30-12 11:58 AM
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    Someone else just picked up dells and hps loss.
    07-30-12 12:54 PM
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    "It is clear that Apple needs to take a page from BlackBerry’s playbook."

    hehe that part gave me a chuckle.
    Made me laugh out loud. Apple Inc needs to take a a page from Blackberry's playbook? So they can go from at or near the top to going bankrupt in five years? The writer is obviously on some very strong mind altering drugs. I think Apples's ad dept is doing pretty good last time I checked.
    07-30-12 01:39 PM
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    I actually hadn't seen the Ad's until this thread pointed them out to me, so good word of mouth advertising to the OP.
    07-30-12 01:57 PM
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    What's important in most ads isn't the specific "point" that various watchers interpret it as saying, it's what company it's associated with. That's not counting on ads to announce a new product. WHERE'S THE BEEF?
    07-30-12 03:35 PM
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    I don't like these commercials at all.
    07-30-12 04:28 PM
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    I haven't liked not one commercial Apple has launched this year. I especially think the Siri ones with the celebrities suck.
    07-30-12 04:30 PM