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    I just stumbled upon this site.

    Click here

    I do not own the site but I'm hoping this can get a sticky as it is one of the best sites I've ever seen for jailbreaking.

    I know you may have seen me around here, often shooting down apple, but I mist say I do like the iPhone. I just lost faith in them after they put Antennagate on the Bold 9700.

    that being said, I used to be a jailbreaker myself, and I respect the hacker community in making those sites.

    Go on. Go get your full potential.
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    05-02-11 06:47 PM
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    Thanks a lot!
    great find!
    05-06-11 04:01 PM
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    Nice Find Mate

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    05-07-11 03:50 PM
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    Great site thanks for the find!
    05-14-11 06:47 PM