1. 9700On3's Avatar
    Her biggest worry is not being able to use her phone without her glasses.

    Now the Blackberry bold has font size up to 14 for everything. But the keys are too small. she can't read the keys on the keyboard without glasses.

    Blackberry pearl has bigger keyboard keys but smaller screen. small screen on size 14 and you can't see much.

    So i guess it has to be the iphone. Big keyboard, easy to read keys and they pop up a giant letter when you press them. The email has large font too.
    But what about the SMS/Texting function?
    the sms is tiny. i know the bubbles look really cool but really, if they were like the emails, nice and large font, that would be good. SMS is a major deal breaker for her.

    can she without jailbreaking make the sms on the iphone bigger?

    or alternatively make the 'pop out' letters on the storm2 bigger like the iphone's?
    02-28-10 08:09 PM
  2. Cleveland's Avatar
    if you double tap on the iPhone with three fingers it will zoom 200-500%.... it's a little tricky to get used to the navigation once it's zoomed that far... you can do that with apps, sms/mms... email.. contacts but it's a little weird to get used to.

    I suggest trying it at an apple store/at&t to get used to it.... and see if this will suffice
    02-28-10 11:53 PM
  3. 9700On3's Avatar
    tried that,
    the zoom messes the keyboard
    the q is missing.
    can't type with the zoom on.
    03-01-10 06:40 AM
  4. Cleveland's Avatar
    you can still get the q to appear... like I said it's tricky, not to sound rude but if her sight it that bad maybe reading glasses should be in order with any phone, because out of all the smartphones out there, the iPhone has the biggest landscape keyboard (based i'm my knowledge of touch screen smartphones) EVEN if it was the bb storm2 you can't increase the size of the keyboard.
    03-01-10 09:57 AM
  5. dcgore's Avatar
    yeah my mom has to use her glasses to look at her bberry. Same case when i show her stuff on my iphone
    03-01-10 11:19 AM