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    I just got a 32g iPhone 3gs as a gift, so I can finally see what all the hype is about, and I want to offer an honest unbiased comparison for anyone debating on wich phone to get.

    My devices are 32g 3gs, 3.0 software, BB Storm on, and BB Tour on OS.

    The first thing I notice is the physical weight of the devices, the iphone is heavier than the BBs. I'm sitting here, tour in one hand, 3gs in the other, storm on the table.

    The iphone seems more solid because it literally is, one button, no battery door. Whereas the BBs have several buttons, removeable battery doors/battery/storage.

    Now on to the important stuff, the OS.

    The iphone works well, but lacks so many features of the blackberrys. Multitasking mainly, and the BB OS seems more user friendly and productively organized. And both my berrys run at the same speed as the iphone as I'm loading websites and flicking thru pictures.

    The iphone OS seems more stable, as I have yet to have a reboot in the 2 weeks I've had it.
    One clear advantage I see to the iphone is the app store any the myriad of programs that come with it. The wifi helps too but is not a major concern as I have excellent signal in my area.

    One severe drawback for me is the camera. I often use my phone to take pictures and the BB cameras are no contest superior to the iphones.

    The iphone has a lot of neat features, fick scroll, pinch zooming, more apps than you'll ever need. But its lacking simple things that give blackberry the edge.

    Simple shortcuts: on both my BBs, on the keyboard there are several shortcuts to make navigation of apps/websites easier, such as "b" to go to the bottom of the page, "u" for the first unread message in the list, "r" to reply to selected message, and plenty more. Even on the storm with its touch screen these are available, whereas the iphone doesn't have any.

    Camera as I said before, the iphone is seriously lacking in this aspect.

    Multitasking: probably my biggest problem with the iphone. I can't stand not being able to switch apps on the fly without having to close the ones I'm using.

    Typing: I am horrible at typing on the iphone, maybe I need more practice, but I am much faster and proficient on my BBs

    Now for some advantages of the iphone.

    Most noticeable, the screen. Its gorgeous, brilliant display, super responsive. All around great.

    The app store. No contest the iphone has more to do than a blackberry lol, I have spent hours browsing apps and games and haven't even cracked the surface.

    The UI. Yes the BB works great and looks good, but the iphone looks better. Smooth transitions, and simple animations you wouldn't really pay attention to but they add a certain something to the UI of the iphone.

    IPod. The main feature, works great, looks great. Everyone needs an ipod lol. The only gripe I have is that on my BB I can skip songs without taking out the phone and unlocking it and ipening the media player, is there a way to do that on the iphone I'm missing?

    At the end of the day, my BB comes out on top for me. Its just a more refined device with years and years of development under it. But the iPhone is by no means bad, its an excellent phone! I simply prefer my BB. But I'm definitely keeping my iPhone! And when it comes down to it that's what its about, what you prefer. Play with both, decide what you like. I hope my comparison helped someone!

    I could go on all day about the differences/advantages of the phones, but my thumbs are tired. I typed this whole thing on my Tour lol.

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    Dont quite understand the multitasking issue? I am a long time BB user and have noticed any issue with my switch to Iphone. For one thing...this phone is worlds quicker at opening apps than any BB I have used. Now...I am not getting on blackberrys and never will...just stating a fact.
    Camera...Yeah...I can kind of see your point. Although..with the many apps out there the picture quality can increase and there is really only a difference in low light. This being said...lets now compare the speed of picture taking. LMAO...the IPhone is worlds ahead in speed. Of course, if not careful, you can get blurry picts.

    Short cuts - Many apps out there where you can create shortcuts. I have one for my calendar appointments, and sms...not an issue.

    Ok...now here are my own thoughts vs my BB tour.

    The Iphone is just fun and I don't mean that in a toy way. It just flows in everything you do. From quick office to any game, everything is just smooth. It is like this OS has been around for many years and improved on..oh wait..

    Apps - no need to touch on this except to say that everyone should jailbreak (with caution).

    Profiles and mods - BB had the edge, but Jailbreak caught the iphone up quickly. Some beautiful themes out there and I was also able to set up my missed today screen on the intial lock screen. Very nice.

    Alerts - Huge dissapointment with the Iphone. The BB has this right. Ability to setup tones, vibrations (long, medium short and number of each) for every email, sms, calendar etc....BB way to go...Iphone...get it better.

    Typing - Not going to compare to my Tour since that would be stupid. I will say that the Iphone is the best, BY FAR, touch screen ever for typing. The auto correction does help with this though.

    Email - Ok..this is where most BB users would figure me to say the blackberry wins. Problem is...Iphone wins for my needs. I stress...MY needs. Nobody can come close the bb push email and it is outstanding, but I really don't need it. I like to just pick when I check mail (you can of course set this to do it on its own), but I love the look of emails when they come in. Full emails like your computer shows them. As for the issue with multiple accounts...I just dont see that. I have several on the z d have no problems.

    SMS - I like the way the Iphone does this. Iphone...wins here

    Browser - Ok...everyone would expect me to say the Iphone wins hands down...well guess what.....you are right. Skyfire may help the BB, but they need a lot of work.

    Media player - BB has made strides, but not up to the Iphone. It is a media giant.

    ATT vs VZ - Nothing to do with the phones. I will say that if VZ gets this phone I will jump back. Just better coverage in may area.

    Now for my final thoughts...I cannot put everything into a category to compare these phones. I love blackberrys and they have been and still are amazing phones. My wife still has her pearl which she loves. I just find the iphone to be a better fit. The absolute smoothness of the OS and the fact that every app (exception of the fart type ones) just impress and look great, makes this phone just amazing. This is, of course, for my needs. If I was a businessman that needed push email then the BB would be a no brainer. I do miss the profile customization of the BB, but there are some work arounds for this (although I will admit they do not make it near what the BB can do).

    God I love my Tour, but I am more in love with the Iphone...somebody shoot me now. In my area att is ok, but just outside the area it is lacking. Wife told me to just keep the Iphone and jump back to VZ when/if they get it. Gadget/technology wins out here since my local area has decent coverage.

    So...long story even longer....going to sell my Tour (green dot, by the way with excellent trackball lol) and stick with the Iphone....

    p.s. Came from party with some alcohol so excuse some typing or stupid entries.

    Oh yeah...I owned the Storm1 and realize it was a rush to get this out. Storm 2 is around the corner and looks impressive. I really think RIM will get things right with this phone and would probably have given it a shot otherwise. I just like the Iphone OS for my needs.
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