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    Hey guys, im firstly id like to say hello , secondly, i had an iphone 4 locked to bell, went to the apple store, and got it replaced because it was having wifi issues, the guy there gave me a new one, but it was already activated, in canada i am with fido was going to wait for the unlock, but yesterday i tried putting in my fido card, and i get full service. I tried putting in a non-active bell card, and in the carrier settings it says Bell 9.0 same for fido when i put it in it says Fido 9.0 does this mean the the phone is unlocked? so if i upgrade OS to 4.3 will it remain unlocked?

    Also the model version is MC318LL and i was reading but that says "locked" apparantly!! Let me know and then you very much!
    03-09-11 06:04 PM