1. Laren's Avatar
    I have a BlackBerry Storm, my boyfriend has an iPhone.

    I can receive MMS from him without problems, but he rarely receives the MMS I send him (either they don't go through at all or he gets the over size limit message).

    My image size and quality are set to the smallest and lowest options respectively; my images are all under 100KB so I know that the size limit (300KB) is not actually the issue.

    I've heard of two workarounds for this:

    1) Save the photos to be sent as MMS to device memory instead of the memory card.

    2) Sending the MMS as an e-mail through his carrier.

    I've tested both methods, and neither worked.

    His phone is jailbroken and his carrier is TMobile, so maybe these workarounds only work for AT&T iPhones... any other suggestions?
    11-20-09 05:21 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    Verizon never really plays nice when it comes to mms outside of "the network" IMO.

    Try sending it to someone who has an iPhone on AT&T and see if they receive it. He may also need to update his carrier settings.
    11-21-09 10:56 AM
  3. avt123's Avatar
    My iPhone has problems sometimes receiving MMS from Verizon users also. Same thing with my BB. I don't have any problems receiving them from people on other networks though.

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    11-21-09 08:48 PM
  4. chuckh0308's Avatar
    We have the same problem. When I send video to the iPhone from the Storm it sometimes doesn't work at all and we get the over limit message. Then, when they do work it gets video, but no audio. I guess the good news is that the only reason I was doing it was to see if I could...sending vids isn't something I do often. Pictures work fine though.
    11-22-09 01:25 AM
  5. Zukin's Avatar
    I actually have a question on that. I sent a video last night to a friend that has the iPhone on AT&T network and it didn't say th at my video had to be trimmed or anything to send, and it worked on the other person's end. However when i sent a video weeks ago to a friend's BB on VZW network, he said it didn't work. He could hear stuff/sometimes not play/sometimes blank/dark screen for the video.

    Anyone know a fix to it? It seems i can only send videos to another AT&T or iPhone user, but not to another device?
    11-22-09 12:44 PM
  6. robbyrobmusik's Avatar
    weird I have a iphone and the misses has the new 8520 we get them all the time. however she is tmobil. might be verizon been hearing not so good things about them..
    11-22-09 03:41 PM