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    I was using mediacoder iphone edition to decode wmv files on my PC so they would work on my Iphone, now I have a mac and I want to decode some wmv files but cant find mediacoder for mac. Is there a different way to decode these files ?

    11-14-10 10:39 AM
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    Hi there. From this page: mediacoder.sourceforge/downlo it's apparent that the author of the program does not currently have a ported software version for the Mac platform. If you really must use this software and your Mac is Intel-based, you can use a program such as Boot Camp to boot Windows from the Mac (much faster than virtualization programs such as VMWare). I took a look at macupdate and searched for "encode" with no quotes. MacUpdate didn't present any viable options. I then found something called Blaze MediaConvert (version is at 3.4 at the time of the search) which was found by going to google.com/mac and typing "audio video encode" without quotes. It looks like what you're after. Here's the direct link to the vendor's website if you want to ensure that your audio and/or video format is supported:
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    11-16-10 05:53 AM
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    Testing one two three

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    11-19-10 12:26 AM