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    I have to say, I love Siri! I'm having more and more fun with her as time goes on. When I first got the 4S two weeks ago, I didn't think I'd use her much, except for the ocassional voice-to-text while I'm driving. While I was excited, I didn't understand the full scope of everything Siri can do.

    I've been playing around with Siri in my free time and found out Siri can play music for you, either a song or a whole playlist and you can have her skip the song and pause it. I found particuarly awesome since I love using my mobile device as my main music source. And it beats having to go in to select the Music app, then pick the playlist or song.

    I also discovered she can read your messages to you! I didn't know this until about 30 minutes ago and I love it! Again, perfect for driving or when you're working out and don't want to stop running to read a text.

    I've also had her create reminders for me, tell me how many days until Christmas, and all other sorts of funny stuff. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll see that I post lots of my silly Siri screenshots.

    I'm officially "in love".
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    10-22-11 08:20 AM
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    My dad ordered his iP4s and has two weeks before he gets it. I can't wait to check siri out more!

    My mom has the iP4, her first phone, and she's loving voice commands. Lol. Wait til she sees siri!
    10-22-11 09:39 AM
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    I'm waiting for the Siri port

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    10-22-11 10:58 AM
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    Remember how Siri was giving me fits, not connecting to the network those first few days? We seem to be slowly moving passed that hurdle, it happens less often. She consistently seems to work much better when I get away from my house. Even though a lot of info online says it's Apple server issues, I can't help but think our wireless gateway is a factor. (In frustration one day when she was acting wonky I said "Siri, you have issues." She said "You are certainly entitled to your opinion.") Her responses when goofing around just crack me up. I asked her what she looked like once and she said "No one cares what you look like in the Cloud."

    I didn't know she could read messages. Going to have to focus on using her more. I've been preoccupied browsing & downloading some very cool photo apps (love to take photos and this camera quality still amazes me )
    10-22-11 01:12 PM
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    I love asking her random questions.

    You need to say "Tell me a story, Siri," and she'll tell you how she came to work for Apple. It's really cute.

    I'm pretty obsessed with her. Haha.
    10-22-11 02:01 PM
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    Port siri? How can I get siri on the iP4?!
    10-22-11 02:35 PM
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    Break it from the cage. As of right now, developers are working on getting it to work with Apple's servers

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    10-22-11 02:49 PM