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    Hey guys,

    For a while now I was using Videora video converter to convert my video files to ipod files so that I could put it in my iTunes to sync it on my iPod. But now most of the converted files dont get displayed on iTunes. So i decided to scrap that and installed MediaCoder for iPod and although it converts and syncs to iTunes and on my iPod, the audio is out of sync in every single video. Its getting really frustrating and I dont want to dig deep down inside and play with the audio delay and other settings.

    So I want to know which is the best video converter for me to use. Any software will do (free or not) since they can all be got for free anyways if you look for it properly. I just want something to convert my .avi or .mpg files to iPod format. Thanks!
    10-17-10 09:40 PM