06-05-11 04:54 PM
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  1. ladyc0524's Avatar
    I've liked it more or less so far but I'm thinking of deleting it. The slowness (I know they're trying but when a message pop-up comes up yet the message itself doesn't come through until hours later that's a problem) and the battery drain are two brutal factors against it. Not to mention I remembered why I started to hate BBM near the end, I don't want that constant 24/7 contact anymore.
    I'm also sick of the lag and the messages not appearing in the chats until hours later. I like the app, but it's way too buggy and laggy.
    04-06-11 09:43 AM
  2. anon4705193's Avatar
    I'm also sick of the lag and the messages not appearing in the chats until hours later. I like the app, but it's way too buggy and laggy.
    Yeah I finally just gave up and deleted it entirely. Not worth losing as much battery as I was and the lag.
    04-07-11 08:16 AM
  3. mzsmiley's Avatar
    I'm getting really fed up with this app. My msgs go through less than 50% of the time. What good is a messaging app if it doesn't work?

    I understand that this was just released over the weekend and they're still working out the bugs, but does anyone else feel like this is much more than "just a bug"?

    This issue has remnants of Kik all over again. I'm almost expecting an announcement from either LP or BB stating this app has been banned. Just sayin.

    I'll keep it for awhile longer in hopes that it'll pull through ::fingers crossed::
    04-07-11 11:22 AM
  4. DatdudeKG's Avatar
    It was fine until they added blackberry to the mix. It had promise but it appears they can't handle the high demand.
    04-07-11 01:02 PM
  5. emscapt47's Avatar
    Yeah all my contacts show as unaavilable and then i do and noone can get ahold of me...Too bad it had promise.....
    04-07-11 04:28 PM
  6. vinnyl26's Avatar
    I am OUT!! Tired of this crappy app
    04-07-11 11:14 PM
  7. RileyFreeman's Avatar
    u guys are giving up way too quick. its a young start up company. in the u.s. where no banks are lending, servers are not cheap. its really only been a week or 2 since it came out for bb. during the day its hit and miss but it definitely does work.

    Remember we all have to stick together to get a universal bbm style app. people then wont miss out on other good phones cuz they can let go of a messenger app. just be patient. is it really hurting your phones to leave an app there. securing additional funding is not easy to do. didnt kik just get extra funding now?

    lets be patient, stick together and hopefully we can all have what we want. one messenger app that everyone is on
    04-08-11 01:39 AM
  8. LazyStarGazer's Avatar
    One IM to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them.
    04-08-11 05:06 AM
  9. ek9max's Avatar
    Yea I can see it improving everyday. Im confident that this app will succeed.

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    04-08-11 10:56 PM
  10. ek9max's Avatar
    Looks like they have made some great sever improvements. Today it was working flawlessly for me!

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    04-13-11 12:29 AM
  11. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I hate to say it, but the bottom line is, on the iPhone, when it comes to IM apps, nothing is virtually 100%, EXCEPT for text\sms.

    I've tried all the apps, WhatsApp, KIK, LiveProfile, and yes, they all work good some days, but, they are never 100%. Now, like I said, text\sms, is virtually always 100%...

    Just my opinion...
    04-14-11 11:23 AM
  12. RileyFreeman's Avatar
    its been good the last few days
    04-14-11 09:01 PM
  13. ek9max's Avatar
    Texting is inconsistent for me. Sometimes some just get lost. Or come hours later.

    Liveprofile has been pretty good for the lady couple of hours.

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    04-14-11 09:14 PM
  14. JennTX's Avatar
    I enjoy making new friends and this helps me miss bbm a LITTLE less!

    04-15-11 01:35 PM
  15. bv15325's Avatar
    Is anyone having issues trying to access this app today? I try to and can not.
    04-19-11 08:30 AM
  16. ladyc0524's Avatar
    It seems to be working fine for me now..haven't had any issues for the past two weeks or so..
    04-19-11 09:37 AM
  17. naturalbeauty334's Avatar
    I have liveprofile and about three of my contacts always say unavailable. I will use it more when the next update comes up...
    04-19-11 12:38 PM
  18. ek9max's Avatar
    Version 1.1.5 just came out. Get it from AppStore.

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    04-19-11 09:29 PM
  19. rizzzzoooo's Avatar
    Version 1.1.5 just came out. Get it from AppStore.

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    Was this update recent? Plus that is a big update. The current version that was out before this update was 1.0.6. You sure we are talking about the bb version of the app. I know the iphone get their version bump today?
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    04-19-11 09:36 PM
  20. ek9max's Avatar
    Talking about iPhone app.

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    04-20-11 12:45 AM
  21. LiveProfile's Avatar
    We are finishing up a major update that should help fix app stability and improve performance. There is a bug that prevents users from reconnecting right now. Keep your eyes open the update should be here soon. This new update also includes file transfers
    04-23-11 02:54 PM
  22. 7_rocket's Avatar
    I changed my picture and it showed up 24 hours later. I also tried to send a picture to one of my contacts and it didn't even go through. It's a boring app, I don't see what the huge fuss is about. I don't care to see if someone read my message. Actually that was one of the reason's I hated BBM.

    I guess because Live profile is still a new developing app they're going to make major leaps in the updates etc.
    04-23-11 03:56 PM
  23. brokenartist's Avatar
    Love this app. Anyone want to add me?

    04-24-11 01:46 PM
  24. ek9max's Avatar
    1.1.6 is out for iPhone. And 1.0.9 came out for bb today

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    04-27-11 11:43 PM
  25. BBuserinTN's Avatar
    I've found that if you just delete every so often and then reinstall you get the latest version. I know its a pain but it works.
    04-30-11 11:37 AM
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