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    As the title says really. One of the absolute main reasons why I left Blackberry, especially the storm platform was the lack of decent quality apps!

    There are many fun, useful and interesting apps released daily in the appstore and cydia. Let others know what top 5 apps and cydia tweaks your currently using on your iDevices or some old favourites you can't live without.

    I'm a big gamer on my iPhone, in fact since selling/giving away all my consoles and handhelds's its the only tech I use now to play games anymore.

    My current and fave Top 5

    1. AskToCall - A jailbreak app that has served me well. Not sure about you guys, but there would be times where I'd pull my phone out of my pocket and see it dialing into my voicemail usually or a recent number dialled! This app prevents that by prompting you to confirm the action.

    - Then theres AskToSend, by the same guys who made AskToCall (I think) which works just like the latter instead it kind of saves you from sending embarrassing/hasty texts.

    2. Shazam - Identifies recorded songs just by listening, simply brilliant.

    3. 3Gunrestrictor - tricks phone into thinking its on a wifi network, therefore allowing me to make FaceTime calls when I'm out and viewing HQ YouTube vids.

    4. Street Fighter IV Volt - Many people complain about not having physical buttons, but honestly SF has one of the best control methods on the touch screen.. Now that Volt adds online play the only thing which ruins the fun, is the lag and rage quitters...something I hope Capcom will rectify in an update.

    5. King Of Fighters-I - Again, I'm a big 2D fighter fan, and this is a newly released classic from the Neo-Geo days. I never played it much in those days but have friends who swore by it. When I heard it was being released on iOS I had to try it out... its awesome!

    So theres my list, I could go on...but I'll leave that up to you.
    07-14-11 07:05 AM