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    So I've been looking at the Lifeproof case for quite some time. I even put in for the preorder sometime back in May. I was tired of waiting and decided to buy one on ebay, I bought the white one. I suppose I was expecting greatness but I was a little disappointed.

    Yes it is waterproof! But you will sacrifice some sound on that. When the phone rings it feels as though the sound has nowhere to go and the phone seems to 'shake'. Secondly you cannot dock it with the case on, I could get past that but am very disappointed with the sound. Although waterproof I don't think it would hold up as well as an otterbox. I may be wrong but as a general rule I am not rough on my gadgets.

    The worst part of the case is the plastic that covers the entire screen. Maybe mine was a little warped as it did not sit very flush to the screen. I actually had to push down to get a response from the screen(took me back to the BB Storm days). I did like that phone

    Anyhow two days after receiving the one I ordered on ebay I finally got my purchase link from Lifeproof so I went ahead and ordered another one. Maybe this one will be better that the new UNOPENED one I got from ebay. But then I thought about it and I don't plan to keep it. You will see it in the marketplace soon but I thought I would give my opinion of the case. Remember it is just my experience and they may be members here who really like the case. I really wish that I did but I'm going back to my Defender-it may be ugly and not waterproof but my phone still looks 10/10. Hey everyone thanks for reading if you've made it this far!
    08-02-11 05:31 PM
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    Have any pics?

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    08-02-11 10:14 PM
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    I was on the pre-order list as well, but decided to hold off because I want to see if the case is as reliable as they claim it is.
    08-09-11 05:32 PM
  4. gmz73's Avatar
    I have another case than I use on occasion. Yes it does what it says but I though it would be a little more 'refined' I guess you could say. Having a Defender as well I think that the lifeproof couldn't handle the rough and tumble like an otterbox can. So yes its waterproof and you sacrifice a little on the sound but you absolutely cannot dock the phone with a lifeproof case on it. I did manage to find a small iphone dock for my office that has a raised docking port and large cutout that accomodates my otterbox defender.

    Now that I have a lifeproof case I wonder what all the fuss was about! LOL

    On that note I have a white lifeproof case for sale in the marketplace!
    08-09-11 06:33 PM
  5. hockeyrulz's Avatar
    Like you I had the Defender and was looking for a slimmer case and found out about the LifeProof case. Pre-ordered and received the white case. Yes, the case does have the pillowing effect on the screen. Have found that it pretty much disappears in about a week once all of the air escapes. The sound on my case "crackles" on speakerphone and I will be receiving a new front soon. The sound could be corrected by a kit, but when they contacted me (by phone) they said they would send me a new front. I have found LifeProof's customer service to be excellent and they go above-board to satisfy the customers.

    As far as the "toughness" goes, at first it seems less than the Defender and much less that the Griffin Survivor. But many users have posted their videos, including extreme use/abuse videos by Kraxs.

    I am sorry the case is not what you expected.
    08-12-11 09:46 AM
  6. hockeyrulz's Avatar
    Oh and I ordered the Radech dock extender which takes care of the docking problem.
    08-12-11 09:49 AM
  7. gmz73's Avatar
    Oh and I ordered the Radech dock extender which takes care of the docking problem.
    I have the radtech dock extender as well. Found it on amazon and it works well.
    08-28-11 09:17 AM