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    I have just had one too many problems with the Bold. I am being offered to transition into an Iphone, Samsung Fascinate and a few Motorola Droid Options but do not like Motorola.

    If you were given the option to get the Iphone or the HTC Incredible 2 (or even Samsung Fascinate), which would you get an why?

    Hot spot is important to me, not necessary but would come in handy when needed like now! I would like the video feature for web cam, etc...Just a primary user of FB/Twitter...love my weather channel's or news....

    Most important to me is call quality. Then battery life.

    Please let me know what you'd get.
    07-18-11 10:19 AM
  2. Accidental Post's Avatar
    If you looking for battery life get the iPhone.
    I have had the fascinate and the Incredible 1st Gen. Both are nice phones, but Android has a way to go with Battery Life.

    Call quality I have had no issues with either phone.

    If you could hold out until Sept the iPhone 5 will be out.

    If it was me I would choose the Iphone 4

    Also do you travel overseas? If so get the Incred 2 it's global
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    07-18-11 11:18 AM