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    I agree that BES has more functionality than BIS, but for teenagers going off to school or already in college, I can see them using it with their school email. And with Verizon I'm sure its explained to the kids or their parents what the $30 dollar mandatory data package really is. But even then, syncing with college email servers they may need BES; which I'm not even sure if that's true.

    Though I do agree that BlackBerrys right now are better suited for corporate end users, RIM is trying to reach out to the regular consumer with the Storm.

    The iPhone is one slick device though.
    Well thats what I was saying. Most colleges use exchange as far as I know. I couldnt name you one that I know of which offers BES access though.

    Like I said BIS is not a replacement for real exchange though. Its very hard to use BIS for my law school classes because its one big mess of email instead of putting each class into its own folder. I end up deleting most of the email on the phone and then organizing it on my OWA, which defeats the purpose. There's just no point to have a smartphone personally if I have to go onto my laptop to organize my email after checking it on the phone.

    If RIM truly wants to go after the consumer market they need to give people full access to all of the email features any other device can do, as well as real IMAP since those services are the most popular ones (like Gmail)
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