1. a.crews's Avatar
    So as i am sitting around enjoying my evening cup of coffee..i started to kinda sorta miss my Samsung Infuse. The reason behind it is i loved the screen size for some apps,news letters etc. that brought me to the conclusion that Apple in my opinion should produce acouple phone options. Such as a 4",and 4.5" screens on top of their 3.5" screen. That would fall in the "phone-tablet" range. Plus at a decent price point they would sell for sure. The fact being is most tablets are to expensive and alot of phones are kind of small screen wise. Any whoo just a thought..any one agree?
    12-14-11 04:21 PM
  2. Accidental Post's Avatar
    Rumor is a 7" iPad maybe coming....
    12-14-11 06:44 PM
  3. a.crews's Avatar
    Rumor is a 7" iPad maybe coming....
    If this happens i may be intrested...for a decent price that is. Thanks for the info
    12-14-11 11:32 PM
  4. avt123's Avatar
    I'll take an iPhone with a 4 inch screen. I had a 4.3 inch Droid X and while it wasn't too big, I think 4 inches is the sweet spot for a touchscreen smartphone. Keeping the Retina quality would be nice as well.
    12-14-11 11:36 PM