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    Thought I would start this thread for Jailbreaking tips.

    ALWAYS perform a backup before attempting!

    First: What is Jailbreaking?

    Jailbreaking essentially is gaining admin rights to the phone.

    What can i do with a Jailbroken phone?

    Add themes, apps that were not approved in the App store or have been developed by the JB devs.

    How should I Jailbreak the phone?
    Google is your friend each ipsw is different so please do your research before attempting a JB.

    What should I do after a jailbreak?

    FIRST thing change the default admin password on the phone!!!!!

    Does JB void the warranty?
    NO Congress made sure of that. Although your carrier may not support you.

    What is tethered JB versus non-tethered JB?
    Tethered JB means every time you reboot your phone you have to have it plugged in and run the tethered JB mode on the software you are using to JB the phone. Un-tethered is simply that you can reboot without connecting your phone.

    Can I revert back to an un-jailbroken phone?

    Does Jailbreaking give me "free" apps?
    Yes and no I will not discuss that here.

    Will iOS5 be jailbreakable?
    As of now it is only a tethered JB although I imagine after release it won't be long.

    The irony of Jialbreaking your phone is that when done properly it makes the phone MORE secure than factory default.
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    Just go to jailbreakme.com and you'll be jailbroken in seconds

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    Great thread AP. I would like to add, rebbot your device and the PC you're going to use also before the jailbreak download.
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