1. Indycar's Avatar
    What are the advantages to jailbreaking the ipod touch 3g? Can you get more free apps or what? Also can you jailbreak the ipod nano 4g? What are the advantages to it? I have looked at alot of youtube videos on how to jailbreak the itouch, but not why they do it?
    12-31-09 11:03 AM
  2. SHIITodd's Avatar
    In a nutshell it allows you to have more control of your iTouch/iPhone such as backgrounding, themes, unlocking and tethering (iPhone only). You have a choice of other app stores such as Cydia and Rock for apps which you cant get from Apple due to their strict approval process.
    01-02-10 11:57 PM
  3. Indycar's Avatar
    I've heard that jailbroken itouch 3g are not permanent, that if you power down you have to rejailbreak it again. Is this going to be fixed in the near future or what?
    01-03-10 09:16 AM
  4. Username00089's Avatar
    Do you have a 3G or 3Gs?
    01-03-10 01:23 PM
  5. Indycar's Avatar
    I have the ipod touch 3g. Is it going to be untethered soon or what?
    01-03-10 05:56 PM