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    I've been using this app for the past few days and I really like it. At first, I didn't set it up right and it wasn't auto-switching the way I wanted it to, but now that I have it set up correctly, it's very convenient.

    The app let's you set up various profiles, that's not very exciting, but the auto-switching feature is killer. It basically works like this, you set up different conditions for it to switch profiles and it switches accordingly. For example, at work, since I have access to WiFi, I have it turn off 3G, turn off the ringer, turn off GPS (no GPS reception in the building), turn on push mail. I have it set so that as soon as I connects to my work WiFi, it automatically launch that profile. At home I have a different profile and it auto launches once it connects to my home WiFi. I have another profile for when I'm driving, and it auto launches when it connects to my Bluetooth speaker.

    This is really one of those features that's worth jailbreaking the phone for. The app comes with a 3 day trial, so give it a shot.

    A couple of observations. The switching via location is not ready for primetime yet. I really couldn't get it to work with any consistency. There are occasional hiccups when it launches the wrong profile, but I think I've pretty much figured out how to avoid those. Overall, the app seem pretty stable. I did notice it doesn't like it when you manually make changes to settings in SBSettings, so I don't do that anymore There's no need really except tot turn on Bluetooth.
    11-16-10 10:01 PM
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    I've found putting the rules in the following order yields the best results.


    Placing the rules in the wrong order makes things go all wonky. Also, you should order the profiles so the ones with uppermost rules are above ones that use lower placed rules. The rules engine goes from top down and launches the first profile that matches.
    11-16-10 10:16 PM