1. Roo Zilla's Avatar
    As the title says.... Get it if you want it. Go to Help, the "check for updates."
    11-29-12 10:30 PM
  2. Bazza1's Avatar
    Meh. Big deal. Some pretty'fying to keep the Macoyltes happy with something shiny, but really, like recent iOS upgrades, there's nothing to see here - move along.
    11-30-12 08:43 AM
  3. RubberChicken76's Avatar
    It's actually a pretty substantial UI change. Not sure what I think of it yet, but seems easier. Still have to change my thinking about how things behave.

    Sadly, still sucks at album cover art ... doesn't download covers properly sometimes, places the wrong cover others, links songs together and makes them difficult to unlink etc.
    11-30-12 08:50 AM

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