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    It's Becoming Conventional Wisdom That Apple's Software Isn't Very Good

    Nicholas Carlson|Dec. 18, 2012, 7:58 AM

    Following the Apple Maps disaster, it's becoming conventional wisdom that Apple isn't particularly good at making software for the iPhone.

    One sign of just how low the industry-wide estimation of Apple's software-making abilities has gotten is a blog post from John Gruber.

    Yesterday, the top Apple blogger wrote a post saying he thought Apple should buy Dropbox, the cloud-based file-sharing service.

    He said Dropbox is "the linchpin in the workflow" of iPad usage, and that "Apples iCloud falls short of Dropbox."

    But later, Gruber updated his post on the topic to say: "Ideally, Dropbox will simply remain a thriving independent company."

    One reason why, he said, is that "I can even see how Apple buying Dropbox might make things worse."

    "I can even see how Apple buying Dropbox might make things worse, if Dropbox were 'improved' to be more iCloud-like rather than vice-versa. Or if Apple turned it into an iCloud-only feature, locking out other platforms."

    Another sign of the new conventional wisdom that Apple software for the iPhone just isn't very good is a post from Business Insider's Steve Kovach.

    He wrote that he has replaced every single Apple-made app on his iPhone with a better app made by someone else:
    Gmail instead of Mail
    Fantastical instead of Calendar
    Google Maps instead of Apple Maps
    Chrome instead of Safari
    Camera+ instead of Camera
    Clear instead of Reminders
    Evernote instead of Notes
    Addappt instead of Contacts

    It was a shock when Apple fired Scott Forstall earlier this fall. Maybe it shouldn't have been.

    It's Becoming Conventional Wisdom That Apple's Software Isn't Very Good - Business Insider
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    12-18-12 11:04 AM
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    "I can even see how Apple buying Dropbox might make things worse, if Dropbox were 'improved' to be more iCloud-like rather than vice-versa. Or if Apple turned it into an iCloud-only feature, locking out other platforms."

    Just goes to show you can't buy your way out of not being innovative,lol.
    Too funny indeed.
    12-18-12 11:13 AM
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    I've heard that apples map problems have to do with the data source being used and not the software. many others use the same data source

    any company that devotes a 100% of their time developing an app, are usually going to come up with something better that a company that just make an app as an after thought

    so ther are a number of apps that are much better than the apple apps. but at least with an iphone you have a choice of quality apps
    12-18-12 11:14 AM
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    In light of BB10, I have pondered that both Apple and Droid could potentiallty be at a cross roads in the not to distant future. Much of the success of both Apple and Android has come as a result of the ecosystem built around them. iOS and Droid are now quickly becoming old platforms that are showing some signs of their age and limitation. At some stage if mobile devices enter the age of mobile computing (as TH as himself discussed), will current iOS and Jelly Bean builds be able to work in this enviroment, and if not, can a new operating system be built while still utilizing the exisitng ecosystem? If the later cannot be realized, then one can quickly see a problem developing for the big guys.

    BB10 could be the catalist for question if it can gain even a semblance of traction in the market. It may force the big two to develop a more micro kernal approach to an operating system so that they can take advantage of this potential mobile computing megatrend that is not a matter of if, but when. I think one of the reasons you have seen little to no revolutionary innovation from the Apple or Google OS's is because the platforms themselves have reached a critical mass as to what they can expand to, and I don't think it's a stretch to say that the current ecosystem that has made them so powerful is the same force now holding them back.

    Just my 0.02$ on this, and something to think about
    12-18-12 12:10 PM
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    Urban folklore has it that originally Jobs only wanted Apple apps on the Touch and iPhone - he wanted a completely sealed environment, with only additional Apple apps available from iTunes. Fortunately, someone there was able to talk him off that ledge. Can you imagine? Would anyone have bought into these iDevices if it had been the case? Its the 3rd Party apps that has covered Apple's a*s to date and actually made the iOS something bordering on fun/practical.

    For its part, Apple still seems to think it has a clue - it embeds useless, subpar or Beta apps into the iOS (Stocks, Game Centre, Safari, Weather, Camera, Maps, Mail, Siri, Passbook and Newsstand, just off the top of my head) or offers weak consumer apps for installation. Pages, for example, which is to professional business word processing (and the ability to share it's files with same) what Microsoft Works is. Useless.

    Far better for Apple to build the hardware and, if they can't produce decent software apps, then they should probably let the 3rd Party folks take over. If I could I would certainly purge my phone's limited storage of unused Apple apps that have been supplanted by better ones by others. Just don't encourage them to buy products that work - that would almost certainly ruin the app.
    12-18-12 01:31 PM
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    I agree that there definitely are better alternatives to many of the default apps installed on iPhone. I'm not sure why that's unexpected. It's a computing platform after all. For example, I find Chrome and Firefox to be much better than IE on Windows. I find MS Office on Mac better than Mac versions like Pages and Numbers. The whole purpose of having a platform where developers can create apps means they will create better or more feature packed alternatives. If the alternatives are worse, who would buy/install them?

    On iPhone, here are some alternatives I use, although usually not exclusively. There are some benefits to using the default apps too:

    Google Maps
    PDF Expert
    Facebook Camera
    Amazon Instant Video
    12-18-12 02:28 PM
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    09-09-13 10:03 AM

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