01-26-10 03:34 AM
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  1. FstFrank's Avatar
    I know this is the iPhone section but I didn't know where else to put it. I was wondering if you think it's a good idea to get an iTouch, since the battery life on the Storm 2 is pretty bad. If so I was also wondering how big do you think I should buy it? I was thinking of 64GB, but then again it's doesn't seem necessary to get that much. Since I do have a Storm 2, I don't see the point in getting an iPhone 3Gs, unless I get it with a contract upgrade next year between March - August.

    I do listen to music a lot, which I can't do much on the Storm 2, after about 15-30 minutes of music and 1 or 2 calls, my battery is already down 1/4. I don't really watch movies on my Storm 2, but I guess I would on the iTouch if I got one. I do use a lot of apps such as, Facebook, MSN, Skype etc. I have a lot of friends abroad who I talk to daily through these things.

    I want one sooo bad.
    01-22-10 09:01 PM
  2. RetroAndreas's Avatar
    I have the Tour and an iTouch and its the best of both worlds.
    I'm a heavy user and need battery life. A great solution for me.
    01-22-10 10:59 PM
  3. jgodin03's Avatar
    I had a lot of problems with my iPod Touch... But this is only me... Some of my friend get one and they love it. I'm thinking about putting my songs on my Tour. I have an empty 16Gb card in it...
    01-22-10 11:04 PM
  4. LVMHgirl's Avatar
    I have the Tour and an iTouch and its the best of both worlds.
    I'm a heavy user and need battery life. A great solution for me.

    Yup, BlackBerry + iPod Touch is the best of both worlds. BB for communication and iPod Touch for it's amazing browser. 80% of my job is online work so it's nice to use a separate "mini-computer" on-the-go while still being able to make/answer calls and send out and receive messages.
    01-24-10 07:20 PM
  5. sallenthornton's Avatar
    Add me to the itouch and a blackberry crowd. I love it! My favorite feature is the ability to rent movies from ITUNES. It is just so convenient.

    I use my ipod nano for riding my motorcyle, but my touch goes with me everywhere. I owned an iphone for a while, but hated the phone, loved the ipod portion of it. So, bought an itouch.

    No regrets!!!
    01-25-10 01:38 AM
  6. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    Definitely worth buying an iPod Touch/iTouch especially if you're hesitant about jumping straight into an iPhone. Only thing though is that you'll find that the battery is no better. I believe it's a 1100 or 1200 mAh battery and it won't last, especially under heavy use. Still nice to have though. I don't even look at my Blackberry anymore when I'm at home because I've setup all my email accounts on it and love looking on my emails on it rather than the bb.
    01-25-10 01:55 AM
  7. conellyobrien's Avatar
    I agree, definitely worth buying an iPhone. This is the best gadget I've used. I personally think that blackberries are not that great... great to read emails I agree, but they are such lame phones.
    01-25-10 02:34 AM
  8. thebbnoob's Avatar
    I guess I will have to buy one lol, someone was telling me that I shouldn't because of the rumoured iPhone 4GS. Now the option question; do I buy one right now from the store?
    01-26-10 03:34 AM
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